Google Adwords (PPC) Overview

First of all we’ll get introduction to Pay Per Click advertisements. we’ll se what Google Adwords exactly is and how we can get benefit from Google Adwords Paid campaigns like text advertisements, banner advertisements and video advertisements.


Google Adwords Control Panel (Dashboard)

After intro to Google adwords we’ll start working with Adwords control panel in which we’ll learn researchning keywords, creating Ad Campaigns like text, banner and videos, creating ad groups and ads. we’ll also learn conversion tracking, remarketing, negative and positive keywords marking and optimizing our ads for best performance in low bids.


Google Adwords Fundamentals Exam

In this module we’ll learn about Google fundamentals. we’ll see what Google fundamentals are and how we can prepare ourselve to clear the exam of Google Fundamentals. we’ll cover all of the basic and intermidiate concepts of Google Adwords in which you’ll learnadvantages of runing paid campaigns in Google Adwords and what are the best practices of optimizing and managaing Adwords campaigns.


Google Adwords Advance Display

After Google fundamentals we’ll learn about Google Advance display and attempt to clear the exam. in this module we’ll cover all the aspects of Google display advertisements and will see the best practices to optimize our display (Banner) advertisements programs in Google Adwords.


Google Adwords Advance Search

In this module we’ll cover the best practices and advance concepts of creating managing and optimizing search advertisements. after sduying the main concepts of Google search networks we’ll try to clear the exam.


Google Shopping

In this module we’ll learn everything about Google shopping and merchant center including creating accounts on Google merchant center and product data feed and after that we’ll learn the best practices and advence techniques and strategies of creating, managing and optimizing shopping campaigns.


Google Adwords Video Advertising

This module will cover creating, managing and optimizing video campaigns on youtube. we’ll see how we can create best video campaigns for video marketing to get maximum exposure for our business. after studying we’ll proceed to clear the exam.

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