Digital Marketing Overview

Digital Marketing Overview. Learn What Digital Marketing Exactly Is and How we can utilize Digital Marketing to make our living and a handsome income?

Duration : 2 Hours


Blogging With WordPress

Learn how to setup a blog using WordPress and how to update it on regular basis like creating posts, pages, categories, Tags and more.

Duration : 6 Hours


Content Marketing & Guidelines

Content is very important for a blog even content is the soul of a blog. learn how to create content for your blog and what are the guideline of search engines for content?

Duration : 2 Hours


Google Keyword Planner

Keywords are very important for a website as well as for a blog. learn how to find out appropiate keywords for your blog so that you can get maximum exposure from your blog by targetting maximum visitors.

Duration : 2 Hours

seo-course (2)

SEO (How to SEO Your Blog)

SEO is a process which is used to make a website or a blog search engine friendly. seo can help us targetting a huge number of audience. learn the complete process of search engine optimization.

Duration : 20 Hours


Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools can help us to check the performance our website in Google Search. It can also help us to communicate with Google for our site’s updates and issues. Learn GWT for best blog performance.

Duration : 2 Hours

google-analytics-tool (1)

Google Analytics Tool

Google Analytics Tool help us to track our visitors. we can easily find out that what kind of visitors our site is receiving and from which country or city they’re coming from. Learn to track real time and offline visitors of your website.

Duration : 2 Hours


Affiliates Marketing

Bloggers use affiliate marketing to earn commissions by selling products and services through their blog. we can earn upto 100% commissions through Affiliate Marketing. Learn how to monetize your blog with affiliates?

Duration : 2 Hours


Google Adsense

Google Adsense is another Blog monetizing method which we can use to get advertisements for our blog. we can earn money by the clicks and impressions we receive. learn how to get register with Google Adsense and how to implement it on a blog.

Duration : 2 Hours

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