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Web Design and Web Hosting Basics

What is Web Hosting?
What is Web Hosting Control Panel?
How to Operate Web Hosting Control Panel?
Difference between Windows and Linux Web Hostings and Contro Panels?
How to Search and Book a Domain and Web Hosting
How to Download a Live Website?
How to Upload an Offline Website to Live Servers?
How to Design and Edit a Website Using Dream viewer?
How to Get Templates for Your Website?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Course Content -Part II

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
What is SERP (Search Engine Result Pages)?
SEO Basics

Keyword Research
What are Keywords and Search Queries?
How to Find Out Keywords?
How and Why to Use Google Keyword Planner?

On Page Optimization Training

What is In On Page Optimization?
How to Make Your Site SEO Friendly?
What are URLs (Uniform Recourse Locator?)
How to Make SEO Friendly URLs
Title Tag Optimization
Meta Tags Optimization
Headings Tags Optimization
What is Content?
How to Write SEO Friendly Content
How to Write High Quality Content
How to Remove Content Errors (Grammatical, Verbs and Punctuation Mistakes)
Image Optimization
Alt Optimization
On Page Links Optimization
Link’s Titles Optimization

Other On Page Factors

Site Map Creation and Submission
Robots.TXT File Creation and Submission

Off Page Optimization Training

What is Off Page and Why It’s Important?
Difference Between On Page and Off Page Optimization
What are Backlinks?
Difference between Do Follow and No Follow Backlinks
How to Create Backlinks Using Following Methods
Guest Blogging
Comment Posting
Article Writing and Submissions
Press Release Writing and Submissions
Social Bookmarking and Submissions
Social Sharing of Your Content
Directory Submissions
Classifieds Submissions
Forum Posting
Link Exchange (One, Two and Three Ways)
Business Listing
Business Listing Optimization
RSS Feeds

Website Analysis and Submission Tools

Google Webmaster Tool (Basic and Advance)
Google Analytics Tool (Basic and Advance)

Advance Module of SEO

Keyword Density
Keyword Spamming
Keyword Stuffing
Over Optimization
Link Spamming and Stuffing
Anchor Text Over Optimization
Quality and Quantity Link Building
Domain Age
Domain and Page Authorities
Google Page Rank
How to Increase Page Rank
Content and Link Relevancy

Google’s Major Algorithms Updates and Penalties

Google Panda Update (Basic and Advance)
Google Penguin Update (Basic and Advance)
Google EMD Update (Basic and Advance)
Google Humming Bird Update (Basic and Advance)

White Hat, Black Hat and Grey Hat SEO Techniques and Strategies

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