Google Ads Course With Certification

Google Ads Course

If you are searching for information regarding Google Ads Course With Certification then you are landed on the right page. Google Ads can be said to be an advertising platform built to help businesses to advertise their brand, products, and services on the Google network. The Google ads work on the Pay-Per-Click(PPC) model, where advertisers will pay for each click they get on their ads.

If you are searching for the best method to become a Google Ads Expert and want to grab the advantages Google Ads can offer to businesses you must go for the Google Ads course.

Google Ads Course With Certification
  1. Adwords Fundamental
  2. Search Campaign
  3. Ad Group & Keyword
  4. Optimization of Campaign
  5. Ad Copy Format & Guideline
  6. Ad Extension
  7. Other Adwords Team 
  8. Tracking Conversion
  9. Display & Mobile Campaign
  10. Video & Shopping Campaign
  11. Adwords Imp Tool
  12. Adwords Certification
  13. Campaign Reporting
  14. Google Analytics Tool

A Structured course will help you learn the work function of Google Ads and provide you with the steps to follow to optimize your campaigns.

Google Ads course with Certification is a comprehensive training course to make students a Google Ads Professional with a valid certificate. The Google Ads course with Certification program offered by RR Digital Sutra is a mixture of theory and practical implementation of different google ad campaigns. The goal of this program is to help students learn campaign management, account optimization, reports, and analysis. This Google Ads course with Certification consists of modern updates in the Google Ads platform. RR Digital Sutra modifies the training course as per new changes in Google Ads. In this course, you will learn to run google ad campaigns & google smart campaigns.

RR Digital Sutra can surely help you make the correct call by introducing you to the best Google Ads courses and Certifications in Kolkata.

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