Lesson 18 – How to Make Infographic Circle in Adobe After Effects

Welcome to the 18th Lesson, How to Make Infographic Circle in Adobe After Effects! In our today’s lesson, we are going to learn about Making of infographic circle and its purpose in Adobe After Effect software. And this lesson is a very important part of Video Editing Course. So Let’s Start Exploring by watching this video.

Infographic circles are mainly those kinds of circles having information in them to make any content engaging mainly data, structures concepts presentation these kinds of infographic circles used. Very commonly we see in some videos time watch like circle which shows a count down and that can be made with this process in after effects software which can create more engagement in any video content. In our Upcoming next lesson, we will cover How to use Repeat Effect in Adobe After Effects, So follow our next lesson as well to know more about After Effect Software.

The lesson includes in this video is mentioned below:-

  • What is Infographic circle in Adobe After Effects?

  • What is the role of an infographic circle?

  • How to make a stroke circle above the background layer?

  • How to align circle position?

  • What is property pick up whip?

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