Lesson 29 – How to test Business assumptions

Welcome to the 29th Lesson, How to Test Business Assumptions! In today’s lesson, we are going to learn about testing Process of Business Assumptions and moreover this Chapter is an Equally important part of Business Startup & Development Course. So Let’s Start by watching this video.

We assume a lot of things in our personal life, just like that in business also business concerned people assume a lot of things before taking actions or executions. But whatever we do assume about our brand about our business we must have to test them whether they are valid or not. Now the question is how to test business assumptions. And it is explained here. In our Future lessons, we will cover How to Design Minimum Viable Business Product [MVBP] , Follow our Next Lesson as well to know About MVBP.

The lesson includes in this video is mentioned below:-

  • How to Test Business Assumptions?

  • Types of Assumptions.

  • Ways to Test Assumptions.

  • What is the meaning of Primary & Secondary Research?

  • What are the factors associated with customers parameter?

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See you in the next lesson!

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