Lesson 33 – Does SEO Works in 2022 and in the Future?

Welcome to the 33rd lesson, Does SEO works in 2022 and in the Future! In Today’s lesson, we are going to discuss about a sensitive topic that is the reality about SEO, is SEO become back dated or it is still working now and what is the future use of SEO in technical world. And this Lesson is a very sensitive as well important part of the Digital Marketing Course because SEO known as the backbone of Digital Marketing. So let’s start exploring the reality by watching this video.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation is an important and essential part of Digital Marketing. But nowadays a myth is surrounding the online market that SEO has become outdated. People are saying that SEO will not work anymore. But what is the actual reality behind this? If you want to know the actual truth behind it then watch this video till the end because this video systematically explained SEO and its effectiveness in the present and future. In our next lesson,  we will cover, How to Generate leads through social media, and from the point of view of sales its important to generate more and more sales its necessary to generate leads first, so stay tuned to get some practical tips from our expert to implement in social media marketing. 

The lesson includes in this video is mentioned below:-

  • What is the future of SEO?

  • Is SEO become Back dated?

  • Will SEO be replaced in near future?

  • What is SEO?

  • Basic Functionality of SEO.

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