Lesson 40 – How to Use Liquify Filter in Photoshop

Welcome to the 40th Lesson, How to use Liquify Filter in Adobe Photoshop! In our today’s lesson, we are going to learn about Liquify filter & its use in Adobe Photoshop software. And this lesson is an essential and important part come under Video Editing Course. So Let’s Start exploring by watching this video.

If you are wondered about What is Liquify Filter and How to use Liquify filter in Adobe Photoshop then let us tell you Liquify a filter is a tool present in Photoshop software that allows you to rotate a portion of an image like you can push, pull or reflect, bloat and much more. hold down, don’t be confused, watch this video Lesson, Practical visualization can help you out to understand about Liquify filter more easily and also you can understand how to do it practically in photoshop. In our Next lesson, we will cover How to use Measurement Scale and Guide Tools in Photoshop, So follow our next lesson as well to explore more about Photoshop.

The lesson includes in this video is mentioned below:-

  • What is Liquify Filter in Photoshop?

  • How to use Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop?

  • How to change smile of a face?

  • How to do face setting?

  • How to use Liquify Filter in Photoshop?

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