Lesson 18 – What is Voice Modulation in Personality Development

Welcome to the 18th Lesson, What is Voice Modulation in Personality Development! In today’s lesson, we are going to learn about a New term called Voice Modulation and it’s Importance in personality development. And it’s a very Important part come under Personality Development Course. So Let’s Start exploring By watching this video.

In this video, shared some points on voice modulation. voice modulation is important in sales as well as to crack any interview. To enhance your confidence level voice modulation is very much important. For a better professional career voice modulation can help you to achieve your goal as well. So if you are preparing for an interview or thinking to pursue your career in the voice-over or as a Radio Jockey then this video is for you. In overall personality development, voice modulation plays a vital role. Hope you will find this video helpful. In our Next lesson, we will cover, What all not to do  a lot of tips and tricks are on them to learn and implement follow by our next lesson as well.

The lesson included in this video is mentioned below:-

  • What is Voice Modulation?

  • Importance of voice modulation in personality development.

  • What is surveillance?

  • How to make a speech attractive?

  • What exercises are necessary for voice modulation?

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