Lesson 19 – What all Not to Do in Personality Development

Welcome to the 19th Lesson, What all not to do in personality Development process! In today’s lesson, we are going to learn about the negative part that what all points we have not to do during development of our personality and it’s just like precaution is better than cure and it’s a equally Important part come under Personality Development Course. So Let’s Start knowing about most important don’ts By watching this video.

Personality development is very important for a professional career, anyone who wants to grow in life should learn how to develop a personality. We are here to discuss what not to do in the journey of personality development. Because sometimes it’s necessary to know the don’ts as well. So in this video discussed some points which are very sensitive and necessary to know about not to do to develop a good personality. In our upcoming lessons a lot of tips and Tricks are on the to learn and implement follow our next lesson as well.

The lesson includes in this video is mentioned below:-

  • What all not to do in personality development process?

  • How to get rid of anger and Ego?

  • How to control anger?

  • How to deal with problems?

  • What is the role of compromise in personality development?

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